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Austin Kimbell has helped me with the start up of relaunching my business and is helping me and my wife with the purchase of our first home.

Not only is he business savvy but he is also a great source of information! He is a one stop shop whether you are looking to purchase a home, start a business, or even needing help with financial literacy. Dealing with him has made me very confident in my financial stability and the future for my family!

Earl Green

Hardest working realtor in the business.

Austin gets the job done. Nice and friendly guy. Really makes you feel like family during the whole experience.

William Maddox

This was the best process I've ever been thru whether your buying or selling no one will work harder for you to sell or find your first or forever home.

Thanks Austin for finding me and my wife's dream home.

Kendrick Jones

Been working with Austin for a long time.

He was smart and got to TEXAS as fast as he could!! Now... hes one of the best to work with. If you want someone who will always answer and work tirelessly to fulfill your needs, Mr Kimbell is your guy. He will find your next investment, property, or 4-ever HOME. #truth #FunkytownTX

Brandon Carpenter

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